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Brake Motors

  Type of Load
  Low mass, uniform loading, non-intermittent operation
  Low mass, light shock load with intermittent operation
  Low mass, light shock load with intermittent operation
  Low mass, light shock load with intermittent operation
  Low mass, light shock load with intermittent operation
Safety Factor
Depending upon the application, the service
factor of the brake has to be selected for
proper braking.
  Service factors for guidelines are mentioned in the selection table.
How ever while selecting the service factor, other criteria like mounting
positions, type of transmission and reductions should also
be considered as well.
“ELCEN” Brake motors are normally supplied with fail safe brakes, also known as normally ON brake. The Motor is braked (Locked) when power is not applied i.e. de-energized to brake. This ensures real fail safe braking. The Construction is quite robust and requires very limited maintenance. With wearing of liners on the rotor of brake, the air – gap can be easily adjusted. If necessary. The rotor can be replaced completely as will, The brake is mounted on end cover on non-driving end of the motor. It comes with a Manual release lever. Depending upon the application requirement, AC or DC brake can be used.
Unless otherwise specified, in AC fail safe brake, 415V 3 phase AC voltage brakes are supplied. Where as in DC fail safe brake. Brake voltages are 190V D.C., with a rectifier of 415V A.C. dual phase input and 190V D.C. output, duly fitted in the terminal box of the motor. For quicker releasing action of DC brake, 96V D.C. brakes can be used with the same rectifier but without rectifier. For these supply voltages of brake, inbuilt rectifier is not
available, hence the brake, supply voltage of 230V or 110V AC, 3 phase can be supplied.
(DC) Brake Motor Wiring Details

SWITCHING (D.C. brakes)
Motors are connected with AC switching as standard. For faster action and reduction of the delay in operation, DC switching can be used. Care must be taken with DC switching as it generates heavy sparking, which can lead to shorting of switching contacts and ultimately leads to failure of contact braking. Suitable universal shock suppressors and capacitors can be used (not in the scope of “ELCEN”)

Energized to brake (Normally off) brakes in different operating voltage can be supplied subject to confirmation. Rear side shaft extension for manual rotation of motor can be supplied if required.

As brake is mounted on the rear side of the motor, lengthof motor increases.

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