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Application Standards

“ELCEN” motors pass through stringent quality controls to meet the requirements of National and International Standards

  International Standards
EN 60204-1
EN 60034-1
EN 60034-1
EN 60034-2
EN 60034-5
EN 60034-6
EN 60034-7
EN 60034-8
EN 60034-9
EN 60034-14
EN 60034-1
EN 60072-1
EN 60072-1
EN 60034-18
  Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines
  Part 1: General Requirements
  Three phase induction motor – Specifications
  Type of duty & classes of rating assigned to rotating electrical machines
  Method of determination of efficiency rotating electrical machines
  Degree of protection provided by enclosure for rotating electrical machinery
  Designation of methods of cooling of rotating electrical machinery
  Designation for types of construction & mounting arrangement of
  Rotating electrical machines
  Terminal marking & direction of rotation of rotating electrical machinery
  Permissible limits of noise levels for rotating electrical machines
  Mechanical vibration of rotating electrical machines with shaft height
  56 mm & higher – Measurements, evaluation & limits of vibration severity
  Temperature Rise Measurement of rotating Electrical Machines
  Dimensions of foot mounted induction motors
  Dimensions of flange mounted induction motors
  Thermal evaluation and classification of electrical insulation
  Indian Standards
IS : 900
IS : 1231
IS : 2223
IS : 4029
IS : 4691
IS : 6362
IS : 12065
IS : 12075
IS : 12615
  Code of practice for installation and maintenance of induction motors.
  Dimensions of Foot mounted A.C. induction motors.
  Dimensions of Flange mounted A.C. Induction motors.
  Guide for testing three phase Induction motors.
  Degree of protection provided by Enclosures for Rotating Electrical Machinery.
  Designation of Methods of noise level for Rotating Electrical machines.
  Permissible limits of noise level for Rotating Electrical Machines.
  Mechanical Vibration of Rotating Electrical machines.
  Energy Efficient Induction Motors – Three phase Squirrel Cage.
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